Our Work In The Agricultural Industry

With our first project in 2018, we quickly grew in the agricultural sector and have successfully completed more than 8 Pack Houses for Citrus, Nuts and the Soft Fruit farming companies. We have extended current pack houses and manufactured new pack houses to suit each customer’s specific needs.

BBI Packhouse

BBI – Citrus Packhouse | NJW | Steel
BBI Packhouse_NJW_Engineering_4
BBI Packhouse_NJW_Engineering

Komatifruits – GFC Packhouse

GFC Packhouse for Komati Fruits_NJW_Engineering_1

Initial Structure

Komati fruit – Citrus Packhouse | NJW | Rosslyn

Process Plant

GFC Packhouse for Komati Fruits_NJW_Engineering_4

Processed Steel

Twycross Packhouse

Twycross Fruit packhouse_NJW_Engineering_3
Twycross Fruit packhouse_NJW_Engineering_1

ZZ2 – Afrikado Packhouse

ZZ2 Afrikado Packhouse_NJW_Engineering_5
ZZ2 Afrikado Packhouse_NJW_Engineering_11
ZZ2 Afrikado Packhouse_NJW_Engineering_6